14 February, 2011

A Night At The Grammys

My dissection of last night's Grammophone Awards and Celebration Night Spectacular:

Album of the year – Arcade Fire, The Suburbs
    Never heard it yet, I'll have to check it out.

Record of the year – Lady Antebellum, Need You Now
    I have this album, while I don't think its album of the year its still pretty good.

Song of the year – Need You Now (Lady Antebellum, performers)
    No. Too whiney. The winner should have been F*** You by Cee-Lo Green
Best new artist – Esperanza Spalding
    Thank goodness it wasn't Drake or Bieber. Anything but that. Seriously, give it to Hannah Montana before these jackwipes.

Best female pop vocal performance – Lady Gaga, Bad Romance
    I rarely listen to "pop" as it is usually just bouncy noises and dance routines. (Good word of advice: It there is a dance routine involved, its not a good song to begin with unless its a musical. There is no dance to go with Hey Jude, and there never should be.) Therefore, these categories did not qualify for me (DNQ). Computer voices and repetitve sounds designed to sound good for the 2 minutes of the song is not good music to me, with exceptions.

Best male pop vocal performance – Bruno Mars, Just the Way You Are

Best pop vocal album – Lady Gaga, The Fame Monster

Best traditional pop vocal album – Michael Buble, Crazy Love

Best electronic/dance album – La Roux, La Roux

    I love La Roux. This is one of the few awards that made sense last night.

Best solo rock vocal performance – Paul McCartney, Helter Skelter
    Its P-C! If we want to shave some time off of the next few Grammy shows, just give him Grammys 5 years in advanced, for whatever category he wants. Do not question him.

Best metal performance – Iron Maiden, El Dorado
    Iron Maiden is still a band? Huh.

Best rock song – Angry World (Neil Young)
    Still good after all these years. You go Neil.

Best rock album – Muse, The Resistance
    I never liked Muse, personally. But maybe they've improved.

Best alternative music album – The Black Keys, Brothers
    At first, I heard "Black-Eyed Peas" and shot my TV with a angry look, and shed a single tear. Luckily, I heard wrong.

Best urban/alternative performance – Cee Lo Green, F*** You
    I love this song. Does that me crazy? Does that make me crazy?

Best R&B song – Shine (John Legend and the Roots)
    Legend + Roots = Heaven in music.

Best rap solo performance – Eminem, Not Afraid
    No. Rap is shit these days. Someday I'll talk about Rapper's Delight..

Best rap song – Empire State of Mi--

Best rap al-- Damnit, no.

Best female country vocal performance – Miranda Lambert, The House That Built Me
    Great song that I will feature it in a "Country Music Won't Kill You" Week.

Best male country vocal performance – Keith Urban, Til Summer Comes Around
    Fantastic song. I don't like much of Urban's stuff, but this song changed my mind about his work.

Best country song – Need You Now (Lady Antebellum, performers)
    We all mistake when we're drunk and stupid. Drunk to be stupid? Stupid, so get drunk? Anyway, its a good song but Free and If I Die Young deserved this award, to be shared for equal awesomeness.

Best country album– Lady Antebellum, Need You Now
    OK, not best album, but under country it was the right choice.

Best contemporary jazz album – The Stanley Clarke Band, The Stanley Clarke Band
    I need to listen to this.

Best Americana album – Mavis Staples, You Are Not Alone
    Same as above.

Best contemporary blues album – Buddy Guy, Living Proof
    "  "

All in all, I'm worried for the music industry. But it was still a good night of music. Strange, yes. But still good.

Anyone else watch? What did you think?

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  1. Im still not sure if i agree with the winners for this year..